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Last modified: February 5, 2021

Please read carefully this Privacy Notice (the "Notice") that we make available to you in compliance with current legislation in the Republic of Chile ("Chile") on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties.


Personal data is the information corresponding to an identified or identifiable natural person (the “Owner”), such as the name, identification number, location data, an online identifier, one or more elements of the physical, physiological identity , genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social of said person ("Personal Data")


At Lirmi Chile S.P.A. (“LIRMI”), indicating as the address to hear and receive notifications the one located at street Calatayud 251, Temuco Región de la Araucanía, Chile, we know how important the protection of the Personal Data you share with us is for you. The purpose of this Notice is to inform you of any operation or set of operations, whether automated procedures or not, such as collection, registration, organization, structuring, conservation, adaptation or modification, extraction, consultation, use, communication by transmission, diffusion or any other type of enabling access, collation or interconnection, limitation, deletion or destruction ("Treatment") of your Personal Data.


At all times, you are the sole Owner of the Personal Data that you provide us. By accepting this Notice, we act as "Responsible" for the Processing of your Personal Data and we only undertake to collect and use them in accordance with the provisions of this Notice and exclusively for the purposes that you have authorized as provided herein.


This Notice applies to any site owned by LIRMI as well as related sites, mobile applications and digital tools, regardless of the form and place of access.




At LIRMI we collect your Personal Data only to the extent that you provide it to us. By accepting this Notice and providing us with your Personal Data, you are expressing your consent to the Processing of your Personal Data in accordance with the provisions herein.


In some cases, to use our platform you must have accepted our Terms and Conditions and have created a profile and password ("Profile") as a LIRMI client ("User").


Category of Personal Data


Identification data


Contact information


Labor data


Academic data


Patrimonial or financial data 


Biometric data



At any time, you may revoke your consent to this Notice in accordance with the provisions of the Section called "MECHANISM AND PROCEDURE FOR THE REVOCATION OF CONSENT."


At LIRMI we have the appropriate technical, administrative and organizational security measures to guarantee a level of security that allows us to protect your Personal Data against any: destruction, loss, accidental or illegal alteration, and unauthorized communication or access such as: (i) pseudonymization and the encryption of personal data, (ii) the ability to guarantee the permanent confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of the Treatment systems and services, (iii) the ability to restore the availability and access to Personal Data quickly in case of physical or technical incident, (iv) a process of regular verification, evaluation and assessment of the effectiveness of the technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security of the Treatment. However, in the event that we have any violation of our security, we will notify you at the immediate moment in which we become aware of said violation, when it significantly affects your economic or moral rights, so that you can take the measures corresponding in defense of your rights.




Sensitive personal data are those that affect the most intimate sphere of its Holder, or whose improper use may give rise to discrimination or entail a great risk for it. In particular, those that may reveal aspects such as racial or ethnic origin, present and future health status, genetic information, religious, philosophical and moral beliefs, union affiliation, political opinions or sexual preference are considered sensitive.

(“Sensitive Personal Data”).


At LIRMI, we do not use Sensitive Personal Data. If for any reason you will provide us with any of this data, it will be used exclusively to the extent that you have authorized it and for the minimum necessary time.




  1. Primary 


At LIRMI we collect your Personal Data for the following purposes: (i) to identify and manage the Profile registration, (ii) to answer the questions of our users, (iii) to carry out the necessary steps to provide our services, (iv ) processing, updating, modification, cancellation and / or confirmation of the services, products, and information sent by LIRMI to the Holders through the Website, mobile applications, telephone calls and / or email, (v) comply with the Obligations contracted by the Holder with LIRMI, (vi) respond to requests to exercise the cancellation of the consent of Personal Data or Arch Rights of the Holders.


  1. Secondaries


Likewise, the Personal Data collected may be used for the following additional purposes that are not directly related to the services provided or products offered, but that help us provide better service to the holders: (i) management, administration, expansion, improvement and monitoring of the services we provide to the Holders, (ii) evaluation of the quality of services, (iii) receipt of news, offers, promotions and information from LIRMI, (iv) sending of newsletters, as well as (v) sending information for marketing, advertising and commercial prospecting purposes.


As Responsible for your Personal Data, we will ensure that they are pertinent, correct and kept updated. When your Personal Data is no longer necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes set forth in this Notice, as well as the applicable legal provisions, we will proceed to cancel them.




We promise not to transfer your Personal Data to Third Parties, without your prior consent, except for the exceptions provided in current law: (i) when the transfer is provided for in a Law or Treaty to which Chile is a party; (ii) when the transfer is necessary for the prevention or medical diagnosis, the provision of healthcare, medical treatment or the management of healthcare services; (iii) when the transfer is made to holding companies, subsidiaries or affiliates under the common control of the person in charge, or to a parent company or to any company of the same group of the person in charge that operates under the same internal processes and policies; (iv) when the transfer is necessary by virtue of a contract entered into or to be entered into in the interest of the Holder, by the Responsible Party and a Third Party; (v) when the transfer is necessary or legally required for the safeguarding of a public interest, or for the procurement or administration of justice; (vi) When the transfer is necessary for the recognition, exercise or defense of a right in a judicial process, and (vii) When the transfer is necessary for the maintenance or fulfillment of a legal relationship between the Controller and the Holder.




To limit the use or disclosure of your Personal Data, not to receive promotions of our products and / or services, you can register for free in our internal exclusion lists, following the same procedure as indicated in the Section called "MEANS FOR EXERCISE OF ARCO RIGHTS ”following this Notice.


MEANS FOR THE EXERCISE OF ARCO RIGHTS (access, rectification, cancellation or opposition).


At any time you can access, rectify, cancel or oppose the use of your personal data by sending your request to the following email soporte@lirmi.com, which corresponds to the department in charge of Personal Data within LIRMI (the "Processor"). Said request must contain the following: (i) name of the Holder and address or other means to communicate the response to your request, (ii) documents that prove your identity or the legal representation of the Holder, (iii) the clear and precise description of the personal data with respect to which you wish to exercise the ARCO rights, (iv) any other document that facilitates the location of the Personal Data, and (v) in case of rectification, the documentation that supports your request.


We will notify you of the decision made within a maximum period of 20 (Twenty) business days from the date we receive the request so that if it is appropriate, we can make it effective within a period of 15 (Fifteen) business days as of let us communicate this response. When circumstances justify it, the aforementioned terms may be extended for equal periods.




At any time you can limit the Processing of your Personal Data, as well as request that we transmit them, following the same procedure in the section "MEANS FOR THE EXERCISE OF ARCO RIGHTS" above.


When the limitation prevents the provision of a service that you have contracted with us, the Treatment will continue as you have authorized it until the end of the service.




At any time you can express your refusal to this Notice, by notifying the Manager's email soporte@lirmi.com




In addition to the Personal Data, mentioned in this Notice, cookies are stored on your computer when you visit and use our website.


Cookies are small text files that are stored in your device's browser to save certain information. When you visit our website again from the same device, the information saved in the cookies will be transmitted to our website ("Own Cookies") or to another website to which the cookie belongs ("Third Party Cookies").


Through the information saved and sent to the corresponding website, we acknowledge that you have accessed the site and visited it with the browser you use on that device. We use this information to be able to design and display the website optimally according to your preferences. In this sense, only the cookie is identified on your device. Apart from this, your Personal Data will only be saved with your express consent or when it is strictly necessary to be able to use the service that is offered to you and to which you access accordingly.


Below we list the different types of cookies, whose scope and functionality we will explain later:

  1. Strictly necessary cookies (type A)
  2. Functionality and performance cookies (type B)
  3. Cookies for marketing, advertising and / or commercial prospecting purposes (eg marketing) (type C)

Also, in this Notice you can find more information about the types of cookies configured and used in the tools implemented on our website.


  1. Strictly necessary cookies (type A)

Strictly necessary cookies guarantee functions without which you could not use our website as intended. We will be the only ones to use these cookies, so they are our own cookies. This implies that all the information stored in the cookies will be sent to our website.


Strictly necessary cookies serve, for example, to ensure that when you log in as a registered user, your session remains active when you access different subpages of our website, that is, you do not have to re-enter your login details each time you access a new page.


The use of strictly necessary cookies on our website is possible without your consent. For this reason, strictly necessary cookies cannot be activated or deactivated individually, although you can deactivate cookies in your browser at any time (see how to deactivate them a little below).


  1. Functionality and performance cookies (type B)

Functionality cookies allow our website to store information already provided (as a registered user or language selection) in order to offer you expanded and more personalized functions based on this information. These cookies collect and store only anonymous information, so they cannot track your movements on other websites.


Performance cookies collect information about how our website is used in order to improve its attractiveness, content and functionality. 


These cookies help us, for example, to determine whether and which subpages of our website are visited, and in which content users are particularly interested. Specifically, we record the number of visits to a page, the number of sub-pages that have been accessed, the time spent on our website, in what order the pages are visited, which search words have led you to us, the country, region and, where appropriate, the city from which it is accessed, as well as the proportion of mobile devices that access our websites. We also capture movements, clicks and movements with the computer mouse to know the areas of our website that are of special interest to users.


Thanks to this, we can adapt the contents of our website more specifically to the needs of our users and optimize our offer. The IP address of your computer transmitted for technical reasons becomes anonymous automatically and does not allow us to draw any conclusions about the individual user.


To review and update when you want your consent and definitive adjustments in the storage system and use of cookies, continue reading this Notice.


  1. Cookies for marketing, advertising and / or commercial prospecting purposes (type C)

Cookies that are not strictly necessary (type A) or functionality or performance (type B), eg. ex. Marketing cookies.


We also reserve the right to use information that we have obtained through cookies derived from an anonymous analysis of the behavior of use of visitors to our website in order to show specific advertising of some of our products on our websites. We believe that this benefits you as a user, since we show you advertising or content that in our opinion suits your interests according to your browsing behavior, so that you see less random advertising or certain content that may be less interesting.


Type C cookies, which are those that come from external advertising companies (third-party cookies) and are used to collect information about the websites that the user visits in order to generate relevant advertising based on their interests or those of others. similar users.


Administration and elimination of all cookies

You can configure your browser in such a way that cookies are generally prevented from being saved on your device and / or that you are asked each time if you agree to allow the use of cookies. You can also delete the cookies that have been activated again at any time. To know in detail how this procedure works you can go to the help function of your browser.


You must bear in mind that the general deactivation of cookies may cause functional restrictions on our Website. However, you can block or disable them by activating your browser settings that allow you to reject the installation of all cookies or some of them.


Most browsers allow you to warn of the presence of cookies or reject them automatically. If you reject them, you will be able to continue using our Website, although the use of some of your services may be limited and therefore your experience on our Website less satisfactory.


If you want to withdraw your consent related to this Notice at any time, you must delete the cookies stored on your computer (computer or mobile device) through the settings and configurations of your Internet browser.


For more information on the elimination, disabling or blocking of cookies

please visit: http://www.allaboutcookies.org/es/administrar-las-cookies/


Unless you have adjusted your browser settings, our system will create cookies as soon as you visit our Website. Keep in mind that all Internet browsers allow the change of these settings. For more information on how to adjust your cookie settings in the following browsers, we refer you to the relevant link:


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You can also manage the cookie store from other tools such as:






Your online choices




Web page analysis


Google Analytics


This website uses Google Analytics, a website analysis service of Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses a specific type of cookie that is stored on your computer and enables the analysis of your use of our website. The information about your use of this website generated by the cookie is usually transmitted to a Google server in the USA, where it is stored.


We want to note that Google Analytics has been integrated into this website to include the code "gat._anonymizeIp ();" in order to ensure that the registration of IP addresses is done anonymously (so-called IP masquerading). Due to the IP anonymization of this website, your IP address is shortened by Google within the territory of the EU and the States part of the European Economic Area. The full IP address is only transmitted to a Google server in the USA to be shortened there in exceptional cases. Google has agreed to respect the Privacy Shield UE EE.UU.(https://www.privacyshield.gov/EU-US-Framework).


Google uses this information on our behalf to analyze your use of this website in order to compile reports about activities on the website and to offer additional services related to the use of websites and the Internet. Google may also transfer this information to third parties in accordance with the Law or in the event that said third parties carry out the processing of this data on Google's behalf. The IP address transmitted by your browser within the framework of Google Analytics is not merged with other Google data.


You can prevent the storage of cookies by setting the appropriate settings using your browser software. In addition, you can prevent Google from recording the data related to your use of this website generated by the cookie (including your IP address) and carry out the treatment of said data by installing the browser plugin that can be downloaded at https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=es.


YouTube API Services

We have integrated YouTube API Services into the platform for content search used in planning, Virtual Classroom and Assessment Creator.


However, Lirmi does not use your personal information on google, does not share or record it, nor does it use user search as a source of knowledge on topics of interest, commercial or similar. By accepting these terms and conditions, the user accepts that he has read and accepted the terms and conditions of Google and YouTube.




We constantly try to improve our services, so we reserve the right to change this Privacy Notice from time to time, so we will alert you of any changes through a notice on the LIRMI site. In order to continue using our services, you must accept each update in our Notice.


At LIRMI we do not use Personal Data of minors under 18 years of age, and all information is provided by the respective educational establishments, in order to help and support teachers in the learning process of their students.

If you think that Personal Data from a minor could be in our records for other purposes, we ask you to contact us by email at the following address soporte@lirmi.com.

We strongly recommend that persons under 18 years of age ask their parents for permission before submitting information about themselves over the Internet, and we encourage parents to teach their children safe Internet practices.